Getting basics right for autosteer

I’m starting to get interested about building my own autosteer after studying this forum for couple of days. I never really had thought it even being possible but now it is starting to seem like a real possibility.

I’m sure there are ton of posts like this but I would like to know if I got everything right for steps needed for hardware side.

  1. Building PCB v2, or getting already built version somewhere? Does this have everything like roll sensors etc?
  2. Antenna, simplertk2b is easy solution, also for the base station
  3. Wheel angle sensor
  4. Motor and gears for steering wheel, like this Universal Fit Gear System, with Quick Tach Motor Holder - #154 by iulian
  5. Wiring?
  6. Windows tablet

Is this everything there is to it or am I missing something?

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Hi, nice to see another member :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s more than possible, it does actually work.

  1. Build your own if you can. If you struggle with this, then ask on here and someone will sell you one.
  2. Yes, you need two RTK2B boards with antennas, one for your base station and one for your vehicle. You also need something to connect the base station RTK2B board to, either a raspberry pi or a laptop, desktop or tablet. A Pi is small and uses little power.
  3. Yes, required.
  4. Correct. If you ask nicely, then someone here may even be able to print the gears for you.
  5. Wiring: you need 3 core wiring to connect the wheel angle sensor to the board, and a lot of 12v dual core wire. Some mini B USB cables and / or network cable depending if you are using USB or Ethernet to connect the PCB to your laptop / tablet.
  6. Correct. 3 USB ports can be useful.
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Just a side note, if you are buying new. Near future releases will UDP.

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Welcome to the family. I build myself an AOG autosteer and in one word: super! Great! Best! It actually works. Just start, with help on this discourse and the telegram group you will be able te solve all the problems you encounter. Succes

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I just recently finished setting up a base station and autosteer setup just last week, and it works great! PCBv2, 2 simplertk2b boards with the white multiband antennas, Delphi er10031 WAS sensor, Fluid Systems Autosteering hydraulic valve, a 4 port USB hub and a Microsoft surface pro 5 to make it all happen.

If you would like photos or any help with it, I can send them over.

I’m a new member in center of France.
I also start the adventure with an F9p an antenna dual band and a Microsoft surface. I still finalise to buy composants for pcb and i will buy pcb on jlcpcb soon.
If i have enderstand i shood have a guide bar with a good accuracy but i don’t have rtk fix but only single gps.
Firmware and configuration are good on f9p.
I suppose i made a mistake with configuration of agio…
The distance to fix antenna of centipede center is about 30kms.
If someone of you can help me i will agree.
I ask you to forgive me, my english is very rust by 40 years of no practice…
@Bwuk :i notice you studying a couple of days, congratulations i also studying ag open gps a couple of …years. now it’s time to work for us …

Congratulations to all members of the community for the time passed for us.
I wish you a good day.

You want to use AOG as RTK light bar ?

You will use France corrections with one F9P to get RTK.

How sure are you of configuration what rover config are you using ?

AgIO NTRIP should look like this. Do you have internet on tablet is AgIO allowed thru firewall?

Don’t forget the second tab! “Position”, you also have to select Serial or UDP.

I’m working on building my own system currently so going through some of the same things you are. One thing I would recommend would be make sure you get a computer that you can actually see the screen outside. I just got a used FZ-G1 toughpad and it is a world of difference from trying to see my Galaxy computer outside. There are a few threads on here on what tablets/ computers work best

It’s very difficult for me to converse in english with you but i will try…
@Radmuffins :for a first time i wan’t to use AOG like RTK light bar later i will put on rover WAS,PCB CMPS14 etc…I have internet on my tablet with connection to my phone, AGIO is allowed thru firewall.
The mistake is the IP ,it’s like f9;i6…and i don’t no how to do
@Pat :I seen the “position” and i locate it on the nearly antenna about 30 kms of me
Shood i select Serial or UDP?
@rascal810 :my tablet is a microsoft surface with windows10 and i have no problem of visibility on rover

It is clear AOG never like IP V6 protocol network
you need to readjust for IPV4 and cancel IP V6

Je vais essayer de regarder cela dans les prochains jours en sachant que je suis loin d’être un spécialiste des protocoles IP…
Mais c’est ce qui fait le charme de ce challenge toujours aller plus loin pour comprendre ce que l’on fait;il faut être un peu fou pour se lancer dans un tel projet à mon age mais à coeur vaillant rien d’impossible.
Merci encore

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sorry my anser is in french and i don’t now to translate it;
i will try …to moove IPv6 to IPv4 in few days and i say that i am crazy to start this challenge i’m 57 years old but i think it’s possible.
Thanks Michel

Maybe it better to write in french and copy paste in google translate for english. Post both versions.

Ofcorse its posible :wink:

I did pull the trigger yesterday and ordered Kaupoimod v4 pcb and parts for it. We will see how this goes on…

It seemed like IMU: Adafruit BNO085 was out of stock everywhere, I wonder if PCB is funtional without it? There was also a proximity switch in parts list, does someone know what is it for?

i try to open agio without any F9P and antenna and i will to join what i have…

I don’t now if you can see that…
tell me if it’s possible

i also ordered pcb Kaupoi v4 this morning
i ordered a CMPS 14 in place of BNO085 witch i have to put under the roof of rover for minus pertubations
i suppose the proximity switch is for the motor of autosteer.
Somebody will explain us

yes it is for “steer” switch ( or can be use for “work” or “remote”)

It is challenge and motivation to learn and apply,


i want have a second live to learn and apply;once as long will be will be too short…


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