Getting caught up -- Roll sources

I’m on my annual trek to get caught up to the latest AgOpen developments. On my old v3 setup, I’m using a Dog2 and it’s been rock steady. Would like to move to version 5 this year.
I’ve built a new autosteer box PCB v2 based system last year when the MMA was the device in vogue.

Trying to figure out what my options are to get roll corrections in v5.1 Looks like the IMU funcitonality has been broken out into it’s own device / connection now. I have enough sidehills that correcting for tilt is needed, not too worried about IMU heading. Can roll still come in from the Autosteer ino? Do I need to switch out devices? I only see reference to the BNO080 in the .ino.

Yes your choices are the CMPS14, the BNO080 or the BNO085. They can either be their own module with a nano, or i2c connected to autosteer via the i2c extender, or mounted with the autosteer board.

Thanks. Now just to find something in stock that I can get ahold of! For the mounted on Autosteer board, is there a direct substitute for the MMA (like the sparkfun BNO080)or will I need to rework the mounting and wiring to replace?

Just double check the pinouts, for your particular parts.