Getting Started

Hello All,

Thanks for creating a great piece of software. I was going to get started on this exact project when I found you all.

I have a few questions.

For the GPS system I have ordered the ardusimple board. I was going to set up panda but the BNO080 is impossible to find at this point. I have some teensy boards coming and some nano boards coming.

I think I can turn off using the IMU and still use basic GPS tracking. Is that correct?

For the ardusimple how is RTK corrections transmitted to the GPS receiver. I don’t see any outside connections for this correction.

If I want internet connections for RTK I do that thru the PC? If I want radio corrections I need to have the radio connected to the PC via serial?

Lots of questions. I will be posting in several places.

Thanks again for the great work. I will try to add to the project where I can.

hello first of all.

I recommend starting with the Arduino Nano first. You can combine the bno08+f9p two on the panda card and use them. you need panda supported PCB for this.

If you’re having trouble finding bno08+. Panda PCB with dual GPS support (dual F9p) is available. It is also possible to direct on the same card. You get the solution in a single PCB.

You can get it from RTK providers over the internet in your RTK region. You can also use an external mobile modem, you can also use a tablet with a mobile sim card support. Or you can use it by connecting your mobile phone to a tablet.

we use radio edits by connecting F9p directly.

If you patiently research in the group, you can find a lot of information.