GNSS Solution Display

I had a lot of support to farmers because of misunderstanding gnns solutions.

Major between gps fix/Rtk float and rtk fix. Y

They are reading fix or rtk and where thinking ist a RTK FIX.

I suggest following changes:
We have - could be

Gps fix - Gps single
Dgps- dgps
Rtk float - float
Rtk fix - rtk fix


Hello, I used your file for the configuration of the f9p but the quality on signal remains gps single is this normal?
I thought he would have gone into DGPS.
Thank you

if it stays at gps single your ntrip settings are maybe wrong…

please double check it and look if you are receiving data.

I do not use ntrip

How do you send rtcm corrections to f9p?

I do not use any correction system, I just plugged into the usb card Ardusimple

the f9p is a rtk receiver - it needs correction data.

without that you are always gps. (no support for dgps)

thank you.
Which tutorial do you recommend to build a compatible rtk base?