Go around field

So I am new here, I am planning to add this autosteer system to my John Deere 4455. I was wondering if there was a way to go around the firld vs. through it. Usually we go around our fields in circles and get smaller circle every time. Is there a settkng to go around and bave the program make your original path smaller each time? Thanks!

Yes boundary contour.

I believe “boundary contour” has been removed from v6 AOG. Instead, you would have to click the button to create boundary curve in the line drawer window.

Could you please add some motivation for your approach? What are you growing on the field? Probably not corn or sugar beet or such.

If I understand your idea, boundary contours are not the exact solution as you would have a number of circles instead of a single continuous path around the field, covering the whole field. Some brands offer an option to drive next to the previously covered area, cannot remember how each screen names it. In this case you would drive manually the first round and once joining the previously covered part, activate the “guide lock guidance mode” in Topcon terms. I doubt you get perfect results for corners, perhaps you don’t care.

Hello @NorthernFarmer I live on a cattle ranch so we usually grow triticale, barley, and alfalfa. We swath, rake, and bale it so at first is was going to put this on the rake tractor as that one is also used for drilling.

Most of our fields are very akward rectangles (most have more than 4 sides, weird boundaries, etc.)

Is there a feature with this program where out in the field i can tell the program to record my movements, I manually drive around the field, and turn on autosteer once I drove around once, the program then should drive my tractor in smaller version of my outilne each time?

Of course we drive mostly straight when drilling, I’ve seen there is a feature on here to drive straight and turn around.