Go in circles

Today I was testing the system in preparation for planting a vineyard, everything was working correctly until I changed the pure pursuit parameters, that tab stopped responding and the computer crashed. After a few minutes, Windows closed agopengps and the computer returned to normal operation.
I started agopengps again to continue the work, but now when I activate autosteer, the motor on the steering wheel turns all the way to the left and continues to force the steering wheel until I turn it off.
What I’ve tried to do to fix the problem:
restart the computer (no effect)
reset to default values (no effect)
Do the steering wizard (no effect)
reverse the WAS (turns to the other side)
limit wheel angle (no effect)
Change PWM values (varies the turning speed)
My PCB is all in one V2.4 with two f9p antennas with the latest firmware.
The antennas are in front of the tractor, 70 cm from the ground and 1.60 m apart.
I’m missing something, can anyone help?

Ps- While I was driving around in circles in the field, the radio starts playing You Spin Me Round, the song by Dead Or Alive, oh the irony.

You didn’t mention the wheels on the screen are they changing direction as you turn the wheel?

Yes they are

Did you also invert motor direction?


Then just invert motor direction or swap motor wires positions.

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reversing the polarity of the motor was the solution.

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