Going around the field is circles


I have an old John Deere grain drill that use for planting. The grain drill does not have any hydraulic controls to control when to engage or disengage it. At the beginning of the field, I have to engage it and keep going around the field in circles till I am done seeding then I disengage it. For this situation, using AB lines would not work because I will have to stop the tractor at each line then disengage the grai drill, make the turn, engage the drill,… Is there a way to do that with AOG and autosteering? If there is, could someone tell me how to do it?


Is your field mostly square?
Create an AB for each side of the field in the order that you’ll drive around, then when you get to the end of one AB, disengage autosteer, press the AB cycle button to advance to the next one and after you’ve turned the corner re-engage autosteer.


I think boundary guidance would work, but I only recently found this feature so I am no expert yet. But after you map the field edge, you make contour ab from boundary, it keeps doing headlands.

Ive only tested to 3 headlands. AgOpenGPS headland guidance - YouTube


As potato farmer say
Boundary is the base to create good guidance, Boring at the begining but so easy to define evry thing after …

After as quickest way if your sure to never forward or kind of stange action you can use “contour mode”; apply painting and set when he propose a line and will copy the previous pass…

As a demonstration i do a full field video of the screen during raking on real time

it mix lot of way
Start with contour
Apply ab line
Use the headland and lifting system with Uturn

Because the field is not square you need to play and disengaged the autosteering and reajust
the field video is more than 30 minutes


@bricbric Your setup is awesome, setting the bar very high.

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@PotatoFarmer like you !

Thanks Aog team ! to make this awesome soft


Thanks to @bricbric , @PotatoFarmer, @m_elias for the help. This sounds like good feature to have in future versions, maybe?

Thanks again for the great help.

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