Google Maps Library

Hy, I am just working or playing a little bit with implementing a google maps library.
It’s working good in my first attempts.

But at the moment I am not so familiär with AgOpenGps, and my question ist.
Where is the best part to implement this library



To było by piękne.dobry pomysł

Ok, I think I just found out, the MainFrame is visualised in OpenTK.dll.

Is this correct?
My Question, where is the tractor and boundaries and so on visualised.
Are these also parts from OpenTK.dll

At the moment it looks like this.
But not tractor and boundaries



This would be cool. Might need the ability to align the google map with actual in field boundaries, like a N-S & E-W nudge.

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All the painting magic happens in this main routine. Then each component may or may not be drawn in its own class by calling the subroutines. This can be found in the OpenGL.Designer.cs

private void oglMain_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)

You are correct. The image in GE may or may not line up with the GPS coords. If you scroll though the years it can be off by as much as 30m. A good test is to draw your boundary in GE, import to AOG, then go try to stand in that location. If you flag something you can see in GE, you can export the flag and see it that way as well. It is spot on dead accurate in GE to simulator and back to GE. But real world it needs corrected and possibly corrected each time GE updates its photos.

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Hey are you still trying to make this work? Because that would be awsome! :wink:

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