GPS antenna placement

Is there a consensus on where the best place on the roof to place the ublox antenna? Right over rear axle?

As far forward on the roof as you can

Does this basically mean as far away from the fixed axle and as high and clear of obstacles as possible?

I think most understand an unobstructed view of the sky, just clarifying if its preferred to shift forward or backwards in relation to a fixed axle.

Our OEM receivers are all in the middle of the tractor roof, just a bit forward from the rear axle. Not like JD usually puts their GS boxes at the front of the roof.

I wonder how well the tractor drives backwards (on autosteer) if the receiver was at the front of the bonnet as many here suggest.

We have always put front center of cab roof. Not saying it’s right. Just where AG Leader installer said to put it. Have put them there ever since.

I would think directly above the fixed axle would be ideal, minimizes chances for errors when inputting antenna position measurements? Looking at NH website the T7 has it above its fixed axle.

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I think the reason for forward is to track heading changes more quickly

Do all the new JD offset their ant?

The Deere offset receiver is the integrated 7000 series receiver.

  • I believe that it can only be ordered/installed on their large tractor cab (7, 8, 9 series tractors).
  • I believe that you can still center mount a 7000 on a center bracket on these cabs.
  • I believe the 6 series and combine cabs are still center mounted.

I’m not really 100% sure on any of that, but that’s how I understand it.

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I was wondering why they have the offset option. I’m just speculating that it allows them to use more accelerometer in the IMU because the offset antenna will travel further up/down with roll?