GPS antennae

I am new to AOG and are living in Headley Hampshire. I’m slowly restoring my Mb trac1500 what I uses all the time. As I’ve always wanted to put gps autosteer on her.
I’m not sure witch gps antennae to go with and were to get cables adapter to hook up to laptop

When you say GPS antenna, you probably mean GPS or GNSS receiver. AOG wikipages list several options but I believe today the most popular GNSS receiver is the Ardusimple simpleRTK2B product.

This receiver connects to the AOG laptop either with a simple USB cable or a simple Ethernet cable.

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Hello, i have a simple question too. How to connect Ardusimple board to PCB and then PCB to tablet if i have only one USB port on tablet? Thanks in advace.

you need to purcharse an USB hub

As advise it is better to have a version with his own power source to protect baterry of tablet