GPS data via Bluetooth

Anyone successfully using Bluetooth connection to Gps receiver. I have a Emlid reach RS2 base and rover setup. Trying to connect to RS2 Receiver by bluetooth asks for a com port.

I helped DaveH on Emlid forum with this.

Set your NMEA to output on bluetooth on the rs2, then turn on bluetooth and pair with your tablet.

On the tablet go to device manager and find the emlid in the com ports, use that com port number in AOG.

The only thing I am not sure of is the corrections if they can come back through Bluetooth with agIO. I have started using Emlid only for the base, and Sparkfun f9p for rover. Makes the tractor side set and forget and cheaper.

I have 2 reach RS2s base and rover so the rover outputs a position corrected stream.

Agio does send ntrip back on same Bluetooth com port. At least to my ublox c099 f9p.
Only issue is, at every first AOG start, I must change bitrate from 115000 to 56000 and back to get correct gps data through agio.