Gps overlapping lines on display but in reality is in the next line

When I’m doing my AB lines, I do them one after the other without leaving an implement width in between. But on the display it shows I’m going right on top my fist pass. So second pass will be tracing on top of first, third pass will be accurate but 4th pass will be on top of third ans so on so forth. So in the image below im doing my 5th pass doing side to side

And also every time I stop moving for a second or change direction on headlands, the navigation goes wild and a yellow arrow pops up and falshes… what’s that all about?

Have you double checked your implement and tractor antenna setup for any offset figures entered by mistake

Yeah double checked, nothing set by mistake. Seems to be mainly a right turning problem. Turning left is usually correct. Would pcb board placment in the cab be a problem potentially with the compass?

Did you create a new field in the tractor or with sim? Look at your GPS info in AOG and show us your Northing Easting numbers

This what you what you mean? And every time i do right turns it looses it as you can see. And in reality there’s full section gap to my left

Is it an IMU problem, did you put your tractor on a level place and calibrate this screen? If you are using Panda, set the filter to 1.
calibrate the IMU offset

Your IMU may be marking too many degrees of inclination when you turn right and that is disconcerting because you don’t have the 0 properly calibrated.
There is also an error that sometimes happens with the IMU, if you delete the Appdata folder it is solved.

You likely have a massive right antenna offset entered. Post a screenshot of the screen with the antenna measurements.

This number. It’s distance between the center of the tractor and the center of the antenna. It is not the width of the tractor. Most setups require a zero there. I think you may have entered the implement width there by mistake.

Yeah I did calibrate it on a level surface. This is the board I’m using

So i geuss i should look for the appdata foulder and delete it?

Yes that was it… thank you soo much


Glad to hear you got it figured out. Here’s what that setting looks like in the latest version, should hopefully help prevent confusion in the future.