Gps Simulator

We are looking for a way to build GPS Simulator using existing Softwares in the market.

However all Devices in this great world called Earth are very expensive.

Does anyone around know a cheap hardware which may be capable to send out signals coming in from GPS Simulators softwares?

Can you be a little more specific?

AOG has a GPS Simulator built in the code, it would be a good starting point.
Or do you want a device building a signal like theses fake radar(outputting some pulse/meter)?


I am looking for a GPS simulator Hardware that is able to send signal out through GPS Antenna transmitter.

   I do have a gps simulator software installed on my computer, I use it connecting directly to the devices we test after reparing.  So I would like to ask iof anyone around know a device which is capable to do it with low cost


Sounds like an absolutely illegal device. I hope I understood the request incorrectly.

Can you explain the application for your simulator? What do you want to achieve with it?

Please, dont post those kind of comments without being 100% sure what you are stating.

It is for testing Agriculture devices after reparing, it is kind of Pain in the a… going outside to test every equipment after reparing.

I stand behind my statement. Perhaps my statement was not on the correct subject. There I’m blaming you for an incomplete description. Why did you have to leave that description from your first message? Sorry but sounds suspicious.

Looks like we are talking about a device that can be used to fool GNSS receivers. The fact that the application of interest is legitimate, does not necessarily make the tool acceptable if it can easily be used for illegal purposes.

I’m sure there are legitimate devices already that help testing GNSS receivers. Why not use a cheap GNSS antenna in open sky and a long cable to your premises if you want a cheap test signal?

I presume by this you want to simulate the actual GNSS signal in space, not just some NEMA-183 sentences. Three choices:

  1. Buy a simple signal repeater like @ NorthernFarmer has suggested, Cost perhaps just over ~$100, DUT (device under test) will see the live static location which is rebroadcast. In any event, and connect with a cable not a radiating antenna.
  2. Buy a used RaceLogic rev2 LabSat emulator and use (or make) the prerecorded session to duplicate real dynamic GNSS signals. DUT will be able to see any set of signal anywhere/time in the world for test validation. Cost ~2k, unless you need to do CAN bus messages as well (then ~10k).
  3. Buy a real honest GNSS simulator and hire an engineer to fuss with it for you. DUT will be able to see any set of signal anywhere/time in the world for test validation as well a programmed multipath and various ionospheric artifacts. Cost ~250k plus the engineer.
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I reply to old posts, because I read them late… :slight_smile:

One quite cheap option… GitHub - osqzss/gps-sdr-sim: Software-Defined GPS Signal Simulator

GPS-SDR-SIM generates GPS baseband signal data streams, which can be converted to RF using software-defined radio (SDR) platforms, such as ADALM-Pluto, bladeRF, HackRF, and USRP.