GPS turned off

I have my GPS hooked up and I get strings from it. When I try to do anything with a field I get the message GPS turned off. What setting have I missed?


The usual culprit is the simulator.
Have you:

  1. Turned off the simulator
  2. Restarted the AgOpenGPS program.
  3. Connected and configured your GPS.

Hopefully this works for you. If it doesn’t, could you please post a picture/screenshot of the GPS strings + error messages you are receiving?

I spent some time today working on my U-Box NEO-M8T. I redid the suggested settings (As suggested in the Dokuwiki using he u-center utility.). When I go back to tabs I already changed the changes are back to default values. What is the secret to saving my changes?


Are you connecting to your GPS with usb? Also, the wiki does not seem to explain that you must click ‘send’ at the bottom of the ‘messages’ screen in u-center to apply your changes. Especially important on the ‘messages’ UBX-CFG-CFG message.

I have spent time with the data sheet and users manual. I have data coming in. I am connected via USB.

The send or poll buttons stay grayed out on all config tabs.

I’m stumped. Any ideas will be appreciated!!!

I had that problem at first 2 years ago ‘trys to search brain!’.
Something to do with how you started the driver install, I will head back over to combine forum and see if can find info of there.

I looked over the driver suggestion - I AM set up as a com port so I don’t think that is the issue.

Any other thoughts?

You should try to go to cfg, choose revert to default configuration, then chose 0 bbr 1 flash 2 i2c eeprom 4 spi flash and click send. Once you have done this try to configure your m8t, you should be able now

I think it something to do with the drivers. I uninstalled u-center and deleted drivers. Reinstalled with suggested drivers and it works fine now.

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