Guidance by a Hydraulic distributor

I’ve been thinking about this for a while…
very often on modern tractors many distributors but not necessarily all used, even more often at the front. in my case it is useless in the front. I found the possibility of piloting a distributor. So I thought of a solution to drive by this distributor.

To explain my idea here is a diagram.

any ideas, sugestion and welcome, bad idea? an idea to dig?
an encoder on the steering column would be preferable to the pressure switch (in the diagram) for this assembly?

Thinking about using the available hydraulic section as a proportional valve? Are you thinking about powering an external proportional valve connected to one of the sections?
In either case, it’s not that simple.
You must take into account that the steering system usually has a separate circuit powered by a separate pump, which ensures stable flow and pressure, thanks to which we can precisely steer. A connector designed to connect machines no longer provides this, when a lift or other function is operating there are pressure spikes or drops depending on the position in the row, it is difficult to ensure accurate flows. Autoster needs a really precise and thoughtful steering system to keep the tractor going straight, it’s quite difficult.

Ok I guess we can’t always have a good idea…

the fact that the steering and the proportional distributors are not on the same circuit did not pose a problem for me because they were separated by the 6/2 (or 2* 3/2) valve. but maybe so.

finally the most important point that you raise and the priority of the distributors and the variation of flow which there can be if other are used. I hadn’t thought of that. :sweat_smile:

I will devote myself to something else, I will have at least learned to use at least one of my distributors. maybe it will help me later.

PS: one day if I have time (which is less sure) I will still try to disconnect the steering cylinder and connect it to a distributor controlled by aog, to see what happens, just out of curiosity.

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It will work, just maybe not perfectly all the time.
I ran a system off a spool valve for 2 years just fine, and especially if you’re not using hydraulics for anything else, you’ll get away with it.

U-turn is the worst as you’re often using your spools at the ends, and the steering flow demand is high. For the middle of a field, there is often plenty of hydraulic capacity.