Hardi HC5500 with JobCom interface - Anyone from Denmark on here?

I have a Hardi Navigator trailed sprayer with HC5500 controller and JobCom.

Currently the sprayer section control is run through a Trimble 750 monitor via a serial connection. I would like to remove the Trimble 750 monitor from the tractor and run the Hardi section control via AgOpenGPS.

If only I had documentation on the serial protocol I could run the sprayer from AgOpenGPS with a serial connection. Without documentation there isn’t much I can do. I will off course share any progress I make on this so that others can use it.

The serial protocol that Hardi uses is called “Hardi VRA Protocol.” I have not been able to find any documentation or integration manual online. I have asked Hardi North America and Great Britain for such documentation a couple times but not received an answer.

I was hoping that maybe someone in Denmark would be willing to reach out to Hardi HQ and ask for such a manual? I think asking Denmark would get a better answer then I have been able to get. Preferably an English manual.

Asking here is a long shot but it’s a lot easier than sniffing serial lines.

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