Have 2 different alternates skips during Uturn

Hi everyone,
In my custom version of AOG, I implemented a new feature : The possibility to alternate 2 different skips during Uturn (4 skips then 2 skips for example). I use this function since 3 months, and it’s very convenient for the small tools widths (<6m). So I think this feature could be useful for many people if it’s implement in the official version. This video explain this feature :

(source code available on my github : UrePom)


I have seen this feature in a video somewhere, think it was in an older version of AOG, not sure why it dint make it into the latest version?
I really like it, would make life in the field much easier, with our small 3m implements!


I did not understand this topic. I guess you mean driving the same implement on the same field with U-turns of 4 skips at times and 2 skips at other times. Where is this useful? If the tractor can turn with 2 skips with that implement, why is 4 skips needed occasionally?

Video show him clicking 4 and 2, but work 4 and 3 skips, which makes sense.
Edit: it seem I can´t count ! it´s 4 and 2 and the field is done at the end.

I am always disturbed by this number of line breaks because of this “0” personally I sow in 3 m every 4 passage so if I am on the 1st line create it is therefore the zero line to reach the 4th line I must select 3 which does not seem logical to me since 0 + 3 = 3 not 4

See now, had to pause, skip 4 take nr. 5, then skip 2 take nr. 3

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Stupid me, didn’t realise there was a video explaining the feature.

Looks like “an EGNOS pattern”, the one that keeps adjacent passes driven close in time to avoid errors from drift. Being used to RTK I would have done the field with a fixed 2 skip approach from one side of the field to the other and come back with the same skip and so on.

The 4/2 type skip is also very usefull, when plowing and seeding same field at the same time, from one side, as we often do here.


Hi @NorthernFarmer this is useful when you have an implement that only turns well in one direction. For example to the right here in this video. Used this for 1000s of hours on row crop opperations towing offset rollers, (like offset disc but rollers). I would find this VERY useful. The pattern also give a very even left right pull on the tractor because every 2nd row is worked in the SAME direction, and every other 2nd row is worked in the same oppersite direction.