Have a break with weather, upgrading to get to 5.X. Apparently I'm not a smart man

So I ordered a bunch of things based on the few minutes I’ve had to look at the topics regarding upgrading to 5.X after I learned my DOGS2 was no longer supported going forward.

I currently am running 4.3.10 and using the V2 board with M8T gps and DOGS2 inclinometer, MMA8452 accelerometer. Haven’t ever been able to get the M8T to work with RTK so that’s been o the table to go away for a while now.

I bought 3 of the Navspark 1122Rs. I have an RTK basestation sorta successfully set up and feeding RTK2Go and testing with a single unit in Rover mode, it gets a firm fix at sub-centimeter. I think I’m fine to simply replace the M8T at this point, but I did get 2 in order to possibly do the roll with it. But that seems like it might be a voyage of discovery to set up, the only reference I see to it here is someone saying moving base mode is “coming soon” and while I see it there, I have no clue how to set it up to run on the tractor given the Navspark UI.

I also have picked up a couple CMPS14 aqnd BNO085s. I haven’t managed to find any topics that discuss hooking them up.

A few questions so I can get this going:

  1. Is it worth figuring out the dual gps setting with the Navspark vs. just use either the BNO or CMPS with a single gps? Has anyone done stuff with the Skytraqs that I haven’t found?

  2. Is the BNO or CMPS a drop in replacement for the MMA8452 and DOGS? If not, how have people been wiring these in?

  3. Should the accelerometer or inclinometer be precisely over the centerline of the tractor? I’ve not worried too much about that with the DOGS and it seems to behave fine. If so, is just running wires good enough with i2c bus length if it’s under 2m or do I need to do something special for a middleman microprocessor?

  4. Is there any central doicumentation about the current state of the electronics these days? I’ve looked at Ortners wiki and that seems out of date.

Sorry if these questions have been answered a thousand times, but apparently I can’t seem to find concrete answers on the site here, the discussion seems pretty scattered and fluid right now, and I haven’t had time to read every topic front to back on the discourse.

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  1. Here’s couple photos how I replaced MMA on KaupoiMOD PCB v1 with Adafruit BNO08x.

Is the BNO085 a better replacement foir the MMA than the CMPS?

Can’t say about CMPS. Never had one.