Have I fried my Cytron (or my motor)?

I successfully seeded 3 hectars of corn today with autosteer (first try), when all of the sudden the motor stopped turning.

I just tried connecting the Cytron directly to 12V and pushed the MA and MB buttons, but the motor (phidgets) didn’t move at all. The Cytron’s PWR led is on.
What’s wrong here, and how can I analyze or fix it?

Some minutes before, I was steering a bit manually with autosteer activated, could that have damaged something?

Thanks for your support!

I had a Phidgets motor with a similar sounding problem. I could hear a whine in the motor but it didn’t turn. I thought it was the Cytron too, but I tried a new one and it was the same. When I looked closer I discovered that the encoder shaft was spinning so the motor was actually turning. I took apart the gearbox on the motor and found that the sun gear hadn’t been properly attached to the motor shaft. The key wasn’t in, but luckily it was laying in there. The motor had just been driving with the grip of the set screw. I put it together right and it works perfectly.

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@smitter Did you have any luck finding your problem?

Did the LED’s on the cytron lite up when you pressed the MA & MB?
check for voltage with a meter with the motor unplugged.

Powered the motor directly: turns

Powered the Cytron: PWR led on
Pressed the MA and MB buttons: nothing happens (MA and MB leds off, no voltage on output connectors)

This leaves me with a few questions:

  1. Does this mean that my Cytron is bricked?

  2. Any ideas what to do (except ordering another one, plus a spare one)?

  3. And any idea how to prevent this from happening again? (adding a fuse somewhere, etc)

Sp, after waiting for what felt an eternity for my Cytron to arrive, I can confirm that it was bricked - the new one works like a charm.
After some pokimg around with the multimeter, it seems like the chip itself is dead.

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