Heading not working?

Yesterday I finally did my first fieldwork (seeding) with Agopengps.
System worked and steered well on flat ground, and also in the field after altering various autosteer values.
But the system seems to overlap on right and leave not covered area at left. This overlap is also not constant. All values are symetric (antenna placement on roof as well as 0 antenna offset, also implement offset 0 overlap 0.

Under menu module information the heading value is 0. I suppose the overlap problem can be caused by heading not working. I tried heading with only gps fix to fix, as also with Brick but can’t get it working. What am I missing? Is roll displayed elsewhere other than in the menu>module information? (Roll is working fine via mma, RTK correction stable all the time)

Is that overlap real on the field or just the coverage painting on AOG or both?

Is the offset from the AB-line zero or a small random value equally to the left and right? If not, your WAS many not be properly calibrated.

If AOG drives at zero offset, you might have some implement drift. Have you tried to drive the same AB-line back and forth without an implement?

Thanks for the reply

The offset is real in the field and on the screen (less on screen than real)
Offset from ab line is equal on both sides an with steering angle zero tractor drives straight
I will try to drive the same line back and forward!

still don’t know how to check the heading …

Well I still can’t figure it out. I measured out the exact center of the tractor and drove over a line on concrete (nice flat ground). The tractor follows the line quite nice with a few centimeters offset sometimes. I also calibrated roll and the tractor drives nice straight on 0 degrees steering angle.
But during seeding the tractor overlaps about 15cm too much when driving one way and seems to drive correct/somtimes a bit negative overlap the other way.
But overlap the one way is way bigger than the “uncovered” surface the other way so I think it is not an offset problem.

All offsets on zero and toolwith correct. Shifting a bit with antenna offset doesnt solve the problem.
Strange is, that the screen actually shows the overlap so it “knows” it is seeding already covered ground

If the mapping on the screen is not correct then I would look for a steering problem. Note the error value. Does the steering sensor readings match the computer’s demand?
The arrow on the screen symbolizing the tractor should be perfectly aligned with the guidance line.