Headland outside the boundary

Hi all.
Does anybody know why AOG sometimes creates the headland outside the boundary?
In some fields, after creating a boundary, the headland gets created outside the boundary. In other fields it comes inside the boundary?
I simply dont know why? I create the boundary exactly the same way every time, by driving around the edges and record the drive.
When the headland is outside the boundary, i can’t use u-turn…
Thank you all.

Can you post the field data in a zip file where the problem is happening?


I deleted the boundary after finishing the field, so i can’t post a zip-file at the moment.
But i’ll try to post a new one, the next time it goes wrong.
Do you have any idea of what went wrong or what i maybe did wrong?
Thanks again

Did you set the distance from boundary at 0?

I also have a boundary problem - when I drive round the field to create a boundary and then touch done, I finish with a dotted boundary not a solid line pink one ? Any ideas please ?

I have had the same issue. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?
ABLines.txt (47 Bytes) Boundary.Txt (34.2 KB) Contour.txt (38.7 KB) CurveLines.txt (13 Bytes) Elevation.txt (172 Bytes) Field.kml (1.6 MB) Field.txt (172 Bytes) Flags.txt (11 Bytes) Headland.Txt (31.4 KB) RecPath.txt (4.4 KB) Sections.txt (462.7 KB)

Could you try again, but making sure lat lon coordinates are set to be inside the field.
I guess your field size is also too big, when you finish side 4 by pressing the done button.
If you drive all sides of field until crossing start point the “problem” disappear, even without correct lat lon.

I had this problem as well today, not a clue why as in previous fields it had been fine! Apologies for the poor picture. Am i doing something wrong here? Thanks