Headlands 13 Dec 2019

Headlands are interesting animal. They often can be a pain since they are often not in the right place, too wide, too narrow etc. Add in multiple boundaries and it gets worse. A year or two ago there were boundaries, they were also in charge of uturn. That didn’t work out well at times, the turn line was often in the wrong place along edges etc. So now the headland is independent of the turn line - a function we are all familiar with. The headland has one very good strength, being able to turn on and off the sections based on the distance from the boundary. It does it consistently whereas the uturn line and path - that was a serious weak spot. So now we kind of have best of both worlds, a line to turn around where we should, and a headline line to control the machine accurately both on entry and exit. I’ll be writing more about this as it gets developed. A little video to show what it does so far. The headland is just a big loop so all we need to do is determine if we are inside or outside the loop to control the machine. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

On telegram is an msi if you want to try a very unstable version.


I plan to setup our drill next year for auto control but was worried it wouldn’t work to well with the uturn relays. This looks like it will do the job.

Well phase 2 seems to work - the hydraulic lift. I’ve struggled with this concept - but seem to have got a good start figuring it out. Lifting up is easy, but letting down has always been hard to figure out. Seems easy once you see how it all works.

Headland hydraulics