Help finding the good settings

Hi guys,

I am having a hard time to get AOG driving straight.
The steering is oscillating between the straight line and ~60 centimeters on the left of this line.
I filmed the AOG screen with setting and chart : agopengps - YouTube
Can someone guide me to the right settings to apply?

Thanks a lot for your help.
Olivier from Belgium.

The latest version has a good feature to set the counts per degree, I would start with that. Check all your measurements then play with the look ahead in pure p

[Basic Steer Settings - YouTube]

Here is good video for BASIC settings

Here is some explanation for v5, pretty close.

Biggest baddest setting to get right is look ahead, set it down till you oscillate, then move it up till you oscillate. Sweet spot is in the middle.

Next most important is low motor speed.

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Thanks for the infos.
How can I check that the x/y axis (MMA) are correct?
Because the fact that the system is staying on the right side of the line only is maybe a question of hardware??

Thanks again.

MMA? What version of AoG you are using?

The easy way to check the roll is going the right way is to drive onto an obvious side slope or unmount IMU and tilt it over to one side by hand.

The settings page in agopengps for IMU has diagrams showing which way roll should be positive and negative.