Help getting started

Hi guys I am having trouble with getting started. Are there any step by step guides to help I have the following all wired up and wondering what I have to do next. I have downloaded and used the Simulator and I am confident with it Any help would be appreciated thanks

Agopengps V5
Ardusimple RTK Portable Bluetooth Kit
Arduino Nano V3
Delphi ER10031
Panasonic FZ-G1 Toughpad

Watching videos is a good start. Top of this page under the Youtube logo.
Also the manual (several languages) Get it directly under HELP or find it in AgOpenGps program folder.
This one is old but lead you trough it all. (still good for basic setup): Setting up Autosteer - Hardware & Software - YouTube
This one is quite new, Good for learning but based on UDP: AgIO v5 6 Tutorial - YouTube
This is for Lego ;Version 5.5 Update - Lego Version - YouTube
I like this old video: AgOpenGPS v4.6 Beta Test - YouTube
Also check the HOW TO section here on discourse: How to - AgOpenGPS


Thankyou I will have a look at them