Help... Hydraforce Hydraulic Autosteer setup for John Deere 6930

I have two working systems using a steering wheel motors, on JD 6930 and a JD 6210R
I have purchased the Hydraforce SP10 57C proportional valve, and intend on fitting this firstly to the 6930, from the power beyond at the rear of the tractor.
From what I have researched I assume I need a 2/3 solenoid valve connected via relay to PMW2 on cytron, this will cut the oil flow to the proportional valve, when not using autosteer (or when steering encoder triggered).

My question is does anyone have a Hydraulic schematic? Where does the 2/3 solenoid fit in the hydraulic system… on the pump line? Is this even required? It is not mentioned in the Wiki?

Hydraulics are not my area of expertise… go easy! :slight_smile:


You do not need an additional supply valve for hydraforce. PWM2 will be useful on the 6/2 valve to cut off the orbitrol.
Just connect to the P line that goes to the orbitrol, T give to T, Ls to Ls what goes to the orbitrol through the shuttle valve.

Have a look at my project…its exactly what you have…just in a 6630, but same system…and used the same valve… Lots of pictures etc…

Where are you based?

I am also from the UK. I have read your project many times! It gave me the confidence to have a go at AOG thanks!
Your version and @baraki are different, as I see it, his power is cut to the orbital when autosteer is in use, with yours is there any problem with double feeding? I would rather go to the power beyond at the back of the tractor, than start cutting the orbital lines.
Is it a 6/2 valve in your pictures?
Do you use an encoder or pressure sensor?

My orbital is stock at all times, no issues with it being back fed, think its only older units that spin when back fed…

I take mine from power beyond on back of tractor also, My aim was to leave entire steering system totally stock, except for the two T’s on the L/R lines…after which there is a saftey 6/2 valve, with 2 ports blanked…so jut being used as a on/off solenoid to isolate the entire system from the steering pipes…

So your 6/2 is just an on/off switch working on the two steering lines.
Do you connect this to PMw2 so that it is activated every time, you turn off autosteer?

I just have it on a manual lockable safety switch for when on the road…

I also have mechanical valves on these lines…

However beware, in the UK, if you are driving on public roads etc, Im pretty sure there would be fairly major issues if there was an incident on the road…having “modified” the steering system…despite it being double safe, and even if unrelated, knowing insurance companies, there would be issues…

Oh yes Im aware it would be trouble if something was to happen on the road!
Out of interest what happens if you have autosteer on, and you try to steer with the wheel?
Does the wheel go stiff, or does it try and steer… which side wins?

They just both push oil, if you steer at normal speeds nothing really happens, obviously it does steer, but the autosteer just tries to correct it, so unless you steer very fast and overcome it it will stay on track…thats assuming you disable the encoder so it dosnt just dissengage…

Do you have a rotary encoder fitted? or magents and a reed switch? Whats you setup there, not seen that in your documentation? Sorry just trying to gather all your information so i can make life easier when i install it all!

Just a reed switch and magnets, but havent actually installed it yet to be honest I ran the wire and that was as far as I got… I just hit the autosteer to turn it off, will get around to it one day, but havent yet!

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Hi @Seelsy
For a SP10-57 valve I would say the way @darrenjlobb have installed his valve is the way to go.

If you are using the tractor’s power behond you should install a pressure compensator. Else the valve will move way too fast if something else is looking for pressure.

To cut autosteer I now have this pressure transducer on the orbitrol LS line. I had to modify a little the arduino code but work really good.

Do you know what specification pressure compensator I would need? Can’t find any prices in the UK online, for the hydraforce.

Information about pressure compensator are hard to find!
“Pressure compensator” is a pretty generic term I think, some doing completely different tasks.

In the SP10-57C spec they talk about 150 psi for the compensator spring, so I would say anything from 80 to 150 psi would be fine.
Max output for this valve is 22L/min at 150 psi and would probably be about 16L/min with 80 psi spring.

Acording to Hydraforce both EC10-32 (38lpm at 150 psi) and EC08-32 (19 lpm at 150 psi) will work.

With a quick search on the net I didn’t fund much :thinking:
@darrenjlobb Have you installed some compensator? You drove the valve without I think, was it really bad?, inconstant?

I run my valve (On Valtra) on the steering circuit so no need for compensator, there is never more pressure on this side for other functions.

I used to have a flow compensator, but not pressure, and no longer have the flow compensator…Was fairly pointless as the issue was always low flow control, so didnt effect that anyway. But since the code update with minpwm / maxpwm, it has been perfect anyway, super slow control.

I know what Pat is saying, as technically the system pressure isn’t constant dependant on other hydraulic loads… Have to say I havent once had an issue / had it effect me, Next time im using it, I will try dead heading a few spool valves while its steering to force P pressure to max, and see how it effects things, but ive a feeling it will still work just fine / smoothly…

Darren I was wondering, if you have had any problems with where the pump line connects into the power beyond at the back of the tractor?
I have blown a couple of the o ring seals, seems to be when I am increasing demand on the system using a spool to operator sprayer booms etc.
I have had my hydraforce up and running for about a month now, it’s great, just need to get this leak sorted.

I haven’t had any problems myself, assume you mean on the pressure connection (P) ? When you operate a spool etc, or dead end a ram, the system pressure will be at full pressure / its highest, so if anything weak points anywhere, this is when it will fail…the steering itself will never demand anything like full pressure as it takes so little to drive the steering cylinder, however any other demand on the hydraulic system will put all P lines under that same full pressure…

Sounds like an issue with the fitting, have you got any photos of it? Im not sure exactly which fitting you mean?

I second @darrenjlobb with maybe bad fittings or bad o-rings. John Deere use O-ring Face Seal all around the world I assume?

I have seen one with stripped treads once. You should be able to tight the fitting by hand almost to the end.