Help me make sure I got this right

I’m looking to put together a simple system to run open grade this fall to do some ditching with the intent of also using it for AOS and building an autosteer system this winter. I’ve been reading through the forum and I wanted to double check I have things right. My intent is to have my own base station. With that all I should need is this: with the rover setup on my blade and a tablet or computer capable of running opengrade/AOS correct? Also, for the time being until I can get a tower put up (lots of trees, need 60ft for line of sight to my fields) can I setup the base temporarily at the edge of the field I’m working on (I’m thinking mounted on my truck) and then just simply move from field to field?

Yep, that is the right kit if you want a base / rover configuration with radio comms between them.

As for where to mount your base, I believe this is more a question of both your base and rover seeing the same constellations of satellites than it is about either of them seeing big skies.

Ideally both of your antennas will have a full 360 degree view of all horizons, but from what I have read, it’s more important that they both see the same sky.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, guys :slight_smile:

Another question then is what are people generally using for cases? It looks to me like that board attaches to the antennas directly to make “one piece” so to speak and therefore would have to be mounted outside of the tractor cab.

There’s the GPS antenna and the radio antenna.

The GPS antennas have a coax cable and are mounted remotely from the board. The GPS antennas are weatherproof.

The radio antenna plugs straight into the radio pcb, which sits on the GPS receiver. The radio modules have like 10km range line of sight, so it’s ok to put the radio antenna inside a plastic box inside the cab of your tractor if the base station is on the edge of the field. In the UAV world I’ve seen people remote mount the radio antenna with a coax cable (would have to purchase separately). In the aog world I’ve seen pictures of plastic weatherproof boxes containing the receiver and radio mounted on the tractor roof.

It would be good to place 2 antennas on the cabinet with cables.