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Hello, I’m starting with this. I have been reading a lot of topics, but I’m confused. For example, where I want to use Autosteering, I don’t have a cell phone signal. So I want to know if I can create a mobile base that shares the correction via radio. However, I’m not sure how to set up the base and what I need. If someone can help me, I would be grateful.


I’m sure this has been covered already but an example mobile base/rover solution is this:

How far from the base would you need to be able to work? Do you have line of sight view to the base?

Always good to have a prepared position for the base, specifically for the antenna. Survey the position one way or another and make notes. When you next time fire up the base at this position, enter the known base position. All your field borders and waylines will be accurate every time.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I need a working range of approximately 6km. I don’t have any issues with trees or obstacles that could obstruct the signal, so I will have a clear view of the base. Regarding the mobile base, do I only need the kit? Will I have to assemble any PCB or add any additional components? For instance, once I have the mobile base, how will I indicate that it’s active? Will I need to do something in AgOpenGPS, or will it automatically detect it?

Thank you, and I’m really sorry. I’m new to this, and I have a lot of doubts to successfully carry this out.

This forum and the Ardusimple website have a lot of instructions on setting up a base.

The LR radio seems to be specified up to 5 km in good conditions. You would need the XLR radio (or something similar from other sources) and I would check opinions from those here who use XLR radios (I’m on NTRIP and Satel radios at 400 MHz range).

You’ll find your base active when AOG indicates RTK fix (should be straightforward once the base and the rover have power). A weatherproof enclosure would be needed, no additional components or circuit boards.

This is what I did. Would be better to survey in and have correct position. But it’s been working. We just make sure to complete field before powering down. Plan to make it permanent some day.



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Dear Kevin, I am also using a base, do you think 1.13 or 1.32? And which ones do you use as the best config files for base and rover, I’d appreciate if you could provide a link.

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From what I hear/read, we should only be using 1.13, there’s no benefit to 1.32 and in some cases it’s worse.


I’m not sure if I even changed config from ardusimple. But recommend @m_elias advice. I changed the radios to match with XCTU. I do remember that.

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