Help with baraki valve

Ive got a hydraulic valve installed and set up and im trying to get the tractor to steer, the steering works as normal and the lock valves are working along with the pressure switch, but when i command it to steer with the arrows it isnt working and the pwm jumps up and moving forwards the front wheels still arent steering

After doing some reading ive tried pressing the MA and MB buttons on my crytron and that doesnt cause the wheels to steer, i do not understand what the problem is i am having

Do you have an AIO pcb? Can you post a picture of it?

Sounds like you might have a later version AIO and do not have power getting to the cytron.

I do i have the mini aio pcb

Are you supplying fused 12v power to pin 18 of the ampseal? You should be with the red wire soldered where it is.

Alternatively you can move the wire to the “12v power for cytron” and power the cytron from pin 22.

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I bought the board already assembled but i tested the red wire and it doesnt seem to have 12v, if i move the wire which end am i moving to supply it with power?

Don’t move the wire, just put power into pin 18 on the Ampseal plug.

Ok i will try that tomorrow, with adding power into pin 18 will that damage anything because i have wired it according to the handy picture and it says pin 18 is a can wire?

There should be a label next to that wire point stating that it goes to pin 18.

Make sure that pin 18 is fused.

There is one silkscreened onto the pcb Pin 18 alt cytron power, what size fuze would be used i have a 10amp powering the board so i can splice that 12v supply to add the power to pin 18?

That would be fine. Or you can move this wire to here

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Hi thank you that has aolved the problem and it is working well now, just need it to dry out and then i can give it a proper test

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