Help with IMU output in serial monitor but no roll in wizard

I’m having trouble getting roll to work. when going through the setup wizard the roll value is stuck at 0°.
I’ve tried Installing the latest “TeensyModules/AIO Micro v4/Firmware/Autosteer_gps_teensy_v4.ino115200.hex”
so I’m stumped, any help would be much appreciated!

All in one micro v4.1
Teenzy 4.1

Skjermbilde 2024-06-09 022425
Shows the roll in the serial monitor changing from ~3 to ~300 when I roll the board.

Roll is stuck at 0° no matter how I turn the board.

I don’t know if anythings wrong here, looks good to me.

Here having “IMU -” and “Heading 0.0” and not changing looks wrong to me.

And lastly the serial monitor states “0x4A BNO08X Ok.”

The PANDA messages are missing all of the GPS data. I don’t believe AOG will see the data as valid so it doesn’t use / display it.

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Guess your testing indoors. Put antenna outside with clear view of sky

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I got it to work by connecting the gps! Thank you guys!

Yes I was testing indoors. Just to see if all was good before mounting it in the tractor.

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