Honeywell RTY/RTP Series datasheet Question

I am building a wheel angle sensor based on the RTY/RTP honeywell sensor and I have a question about direction of rotation and output. If you rotated the input shaft or magnet clockwise would the output go high or low(from the perspective of the photo below)?

I guess this depends if you buy one with standard output or with inverted output. Clockwise rotation with standard output, it should go high.

That is also how I read the data sheet too. On a standard output sensor a clockwise rotation would produce the higher 4.5 voltage output. It appears that the drawing and the photo of the actual sensor show the sensor in approximately the same position. I wanted to double check with someone else before I order the sensor. I’m not sure I would be able to return it very easy if I get the wrong one.

Edit: I brought the standard model and can confirm that the above information is correct if anyone references this post in the future.