How AOGPS controls AutoSteer

Hi. I’ve been searching about this program, and I know how motors control steering wheel and everything about it, but I can’t understand how program controls these motors which control steering wheel. How is it connected? Thanks:)

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I am also curious. There are a lot of YouTube videos with tractors driving (impressive) but I would be curious to see the setup from the ground up. So far I understand that the computer does all the calculations. Receiving the gps sentence by USB (or Ethernet) The Arduino receives the wheel angle, does it send to the computer? Then the computer calculates the way to turn, sends a bit to the Arduino via another usb cable and the Arduino activates a pwm signal to a controller that put out a voltage based on that signal to turn the steering motor left or right and the speed is dictated by the voltage.

Something like that??

Some pics would be worth a thousand words.

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@CoNe @Hobbyfarmer. And you did watch most of the videos from FarmerBrianTee at the top of this page?

I’ve been through his whole channel. Do you mean the YouTube button at the top of the screen? I’ll give it a try when get home. I don’t have access here.

Yes that one. On my CPU it always go directly to farmer Rian tee and the videos related to AOG.
So you have probably seen them.