How change maximum tractor round degree in impulse in software

Hi, I would like to set it up better the wheel turns a lot per pulse ?
Or “angle per turn of the steering wheel”.
I have three tractors, one TrimbleGPS, and the other two AgOpenGPS.
I had the same problem with Trimble the mechanic came out and set it up in laptop, and it turned out well, the tractor wheel does not move so much at once.
I would also like to find where it can be found in the source code.
I think it moves about 4 degrees per pulse here.I would like to reduce it to 2 degrees or less / impulse. More smaller steps are needed, not approx. 4 degrees
I tried the integral, Look Ahead Speed,Look Ahead, this is not what i’m looking for…
Trimble calls this if I remember correctly “angle per turn of the steering wheel”.
I hope someone understands what they want to achieve :slight_smile:
Best regards !

I do not think I understand.
You must be running CAN tractors, since you want to change tractor computer.
But you do not mention the setting in AOG steer-configuration!
I would try to change the counts per degree