How do I build my AgOpenGPS flagger kit

Good afternoon friends, I am new to AgOpenGPS, I find it very interesting.
I want to build a manual guidance system for fumigation without section cutting, what do I need for this?

  • AgopenGPS V Software …
  • A PC or Tablet
  • Receiver or also Nmea from other equipment (in case of NMEA what is the pin configuration of DB9 A USB)
  • Which receiver is recommended for good precision
    -I would need something else please tell me

I want to replace the S-lite that I have

Thank you for your answers

If your s-lite supports nmea output you could try AgOpenGPS using it as the GPS receiver. The original developer uses an Outback with serial cable for testing. Then all you need is a tablet/laptop and a usb to rs232 adapter (maybe a rs232 null modem/crossover cable) to get started.

The next thing to get would be a arduSimple simpleRTK2b F9P based usb GPS receiver. It has the ability to receive RTK corrections if you decide to try that in the future.