How do i cuztomize AgOpenGPS Interface?

Hi how would i change icons and images in the AgOpenGPS interface like when you start the program and the sounds of like the autosteer and icons of the buttons??

If anyone knows how to please help.

Download visual basic suite, and the AOG source code.

The .png art and sounds are included. Just change your art and sounds name to match the file name in source files.

The program will not know the difference.


Thank you very much i watch your youtube channel never thought you would reply and i forgot about this so i came here late.

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I actually changed images and made green “easy” buttons to help my 76 yr old dad set up ab line for auto steer. :joy: It was pretty easy. Like PotatoFarmer said, file names have to match. I added a 1 after all default images in case I want to go back. I believe you can change images in image file without even opening VS.

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Do you have a screenshot of your alternate buttons?

Pic not great. I’ve got sized better now. Basically the button to open field always says easy. Most of the other buttons appear as you advance toward creating ab line. All I did was see what file was in btn images for next button to be pushed and replace with one that says easy. Not 100%, but helps people navigate that don’t have desire to learn AOG completely. Wood love to be better at programming and make it ask you what you want to do. Sort of like ezsteer does. Keep hitting same button or place until you are making ab line.

That’s clever. So you’ve got several buttons that use the “Easy” icon and you just push the newest “Easy” button that appears?

Pretty much. Here are the ones I changed.
Easy Buttons

AOG Easy (31.5 KB)

Requires no programing skill. Find Btn folder under AOG Source code. Make changes to images (I usually add a 1 after the originals for future reference). Then open in Visual Studio, rebuild and publish.

I hope to someday know how to do more.

This all started from my brother who copied the commercial for wishing for an “Easy” button. :rofl: