How do I deal with implements that have offsets that change

Ok so the title is a bit unclear
I’m talking specifically high speed disks in my case
I have a Landoll and depending on the soil type it pull to the one side a bit
Is there any easy way to change the offset on the fly or should I make a feature request or something

There isn’t a defined method for this, but the latest release of AgOpenGPS has ‘nudge’ arrows (for lack of better term) - they should adjust the AB-line an increment left or right. oddly i couldnt get the simulator to change its value of 40cm - but if you leave the ‘edit AB Line’ window open you can set your increment, and the arrows contained in the window should move the distance you define. Its a bit more hands on, but it should be doable.

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Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing I was kinda hoping that there was a better way

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We had a 4 metre trailed disk harrow and it used to pull a lot towards one side or the other. Unfortunately too much randomly. I didn’t consider “nudging” the offset any appropriate solution. Either set enough (a lot) overlap or change it to three point. We did the latter (an adjustable downwards load from the three point linkage as a bonus).

If one wanted to avoid that overlap, I feel implement steering of some kind would be needed. Driving manually starts to be more attractive than adjusting offset continuously, too distracting.

Would a dual antenna work for that situation?

What about constant implement offset to tractor’s path?
Example from this year (yes there are was mistake, but):
I have planted sunflower and now need to make row cultivation.
But implement was a little not in center - 5cm.
I need set implement offset for this 5cm, without this tractor’s wheels rides on planted row.
I cannot just shift AB line because every 2 passes I need shift it to another side.
On the field shifts looks like left-left-right-right-left-left-right-right…

More over I need to shift like this not implement, but tractor to correct tractors tramline, which is become shifted after planting.

Go to tool settings and the box that is directly over the swath is your implement offset

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No problem

I can see how to deal with implements that have a constant offset.

Was there a solution for (trailed) implements that have offsets that change frequently depending on the weather, previous cultivation, depth and so on.

Can I move the antenna from the tractor to the implement and pretend that the combination is a very long articulated tractor? Would that disrupt all the steering algorithms - for example what about the WAS should it read the angle of pivot from the drawbar, not of the steering angle.