How fast can you go with autosteer?

Just wondering what are the speed limits of Agopengps? How fast can you go with stable, reliable steering?

I am somewhat new to the world of DIY autosteer. I built the kaupoi v4 board and have it set up on a Kubota M108X with RTK FIX. All of my fields are plowed and it’s kinda muddy right now so I am running up and down the gravel road trying to get it set properly. I am trying to dial in the settings for planting at approx 4.5 mph to 6 mph. It’s challenging. It is wandering across the line about 5 inches each way. The tracks on the road look like I am drunk. Am I going too fast?

Which mode are you using?stanley or pure persuit?

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I menaged to go 35km/h on fertilizing wheat. It holds in 2-3 cm max.
Small 50hp tractor.

On grumpy fieled , autosteer works best if antena is on front end of tractor.

Lower antena is better.


I drive regularly at 40kmh in the fields.
It is more difficult to operate very slowly (< 3km/h) than very fast. but between 4 and 15 km / h, it works perfectly.

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Just lower look a head and it will work on slow speeds

Thank you very much for the replies. Do you have to adjust the settings for the job / speed being done? Like one setting for planting, one for fertilizer, one for cultivating? Or do you just set it and forget it?

I am bouncing back and forth between the two. Pure persuit seems to be able to follow the squiggly line through the yard better. Stanley tries to over correct and goes wild but works ok out on the road. I realize I have the look ahead too far out. Still a work in progress. :grinning:

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my settings , on small tractor

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