How I setup RTK Base Station using Agopen to feed SNIP and broadcast on Rtk2go

Ok so SNIP cannot be used as a NTRIP server direct from the f9p via USB. AOG acts as the actual server to feed the CASTER(SNIP). Thank you !

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Brian made a video on this.

SNIP can be used as a NTRIP server direct from the f9p via USB. No need to use AOG in between.


I couldn’t get it to work without AOG. Do you input it into SNIP via the serial stream?

Yes. As you described at part 7 but Data format is Auto Detect w/Parse, and the rest of the settings leave as default.
Edit: “Enable logging” off obviously

Thanks I will try that.

Hi Kaupoi,
Yes I stand corrected you are right you don’t need to use AOG it works perfectly fine from f9p straight into SNIP. Thankyou for your help.

I got this wrong, you can eliminate AOG and feed f9p straight into SNIP. Kaupoi put me right on this.

Can anyone tell me if I did anything? F9P + Xbee WiFi Ntrip, configured to connect to home WiFi, but it seems to me it is not.

If you have wifi NTRIP MASTER connect to home network and setup a NTRIP server and you can directly transmit to rtk2go no need for additional tools.

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I also tried this.
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What version is that of softwere maybe try latest 0.5.4 it show how many B/s you are transmitting in and out and have network forwarding. Switch to UART 0, IP to DHCP.

Better question is what base config you use and are messages enabled on UART2.

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Did you use ardusimple config for base?

1005: Stationary RTK reference station ARP
1074: GPS MSM4
1230: GLONASS code-phase

Check if this messages are enabled on UART2. (CFG-MSG) in u-center. If they are not enable them.

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I have just upload it from ardusimple

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No that one should not be enabled only those 5 needs to be enabled. It seams that you didnt save config.

Follow instructions on ardusimple site when you upload config go to messages to check if only these 5 messages are enabled on UART2. If its all good save config

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Config as ardusimple instructions and “UBX-CFG-CFG” → Send

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Now base is set go back to wifi ntrip master and try connecting, set setting in ntrip master config UART0 and set ip to dhcp try connecting to rtk2go.

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