How to attach to new john deere steering column


Has anyone attached a phidgets motor to the steering column of a new model JD? I have a phidgets 24v motor that im trying to attach to the steering column of a 2021 6155M but the plastic box with the reverser and indicator is quite bulbous (can’t fit potato farmer’s universal kit). The column also has a plastic sleeve the whole way down (not pictured).

Anyone done a similar tractor or has got any ideas?

it is not possible to replace this bush to do the bracket

and add antitorque parts outside from bottom

so take out that bearing and replace it with a clamp? and then put pressure on the bulbous box for antitorque? ill check it out in the morning
thanks for the suggestion!

If your tractor is autotrac ready, you could just steer it through the hydraulic valve!

im 99% sure it isnt autotrac ready unfort, but it does have a WAS on the RHS which is great

I have a John Deere 7280R from 2014, where can I steer the tractor by the valve ?

Maybe these images can help you locate your valve if you have one.

If your valve looks like that, you have 3 solenoids. Left. Right. Lock.

Valves on a 6175R I looked at recently are under the throttle-side of the cab, might be covered by a plate. Come up from underneath the tractor, you’re looking for the FEMA valves there.

is there a pressure sensor where i can see when the unit is disengaged ? @andyinv

Never got that far before we left it