How to connect IMU by Ethernet

Hello, I want to connect the imu with an ethernet module, I wanted to do it as shown on the website, but on the ethernet board, the sockets are described in a different way, which pins should I connect to?

Would it be better to use a second nano and do it as shown in the AOGPS files and not to fiddle with ethernet sockets. The IMU
will be in a different box to keep it from getting interrupted.

Give full adress link plz

Link to Wiki

The Wiki is a bit confusing. You need a pair of I2C range extenders for what you want to do. Like this one. (it uses RJ45 connector and UTP cabling but is certainly not an Ethernet converter)

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Ok, I understand, then I’ll do it with Nano, because I have one more in stock. Thanks

Hi, can i use this device to connect a board with CMPS

@PotatoFarmer is designing a modular system of Ethernet connected boards that support PoE and have the parts/components modularized for efficient placement. Most of the modules use a PoE adapter and an Ethernet to serial bridge to get the GPS/imu/autosteer/section/machine talking via UDP.

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