How to create and optimize AB lines at home?

Is there any way to create or modify AB-Lines in an computer software,? Or can this be done in other ways? maybe in AOG at an computer?

My point is that I want to optimize the lines in the office, and bring it with me to the field. That way save time when I first drive out, and I can bring it with me to another machine if needed.


Do you want to transfer AB-lines between machines running AOG or also other (commercial) products?

For now, only to be used at AOG platform.

If you have made a precise boundary you can open this window. It’s the button with the hand at the bottom.


Thanks, guess I have to read the manual :smiley:
Is it possible to mark a different color on some? We make tracks for the sprayer while we seed, it would be very helpful if it could keep track on where the tracks should be :wink:
eks 3m seeder and 15m sprayer. Then we lay tracks every 5th line.

there is funny thing to use color

after officially it exist tramline

make an AB line close to the border ( not like me) and play with this menu