How to disable NovAtel SMART7 on a Fendt 211P Vario 2023


We have a brand new Fendt 211P vario 2023 with NovAtel SMART7 and with almost every activations.
For some reason we need to disable the “build-in” autosteering system and we would like to control/use autosteer with standard J1939 “Agricultural Guidance System command”.

We thought that it is enough to disconnect the antenna, and send the “Agricultural Guidance System command”, and it works.

Unfortunately, no the Fendt looks for their autosteer system. Can you please help us out, how can we disable that in Fendt?

Please find attached the error we get when we press autosteer button.

The “Agricultural Guidance Machine Info” 3rd byte was:
60 by default with NovAtel connected, when the autopilot was not starting for whatever reason 124.
When we disconnected the NovAtel we get 125, then 255.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks