How to get cordinates in rover mode

Hello, is it posible to get cordinages in rover mode, and agopen gps?

I can se longitude and latitude in system data window but…

Where is altitude
Is it this where is pointer on picture?

If its not, can i get fix on agopengls, disconecct and connect ucenter and se there?
Module is simplertk2b so i cant conect it to caster.
i can strip down from one tractor c099f9p and give it fix over bluetooth but that is too much work :joy:.
im taking coordinates for base station and fix from another base station witch is measured.

The middle column on System Data has one called Alt. I figured that was altitude

Yes but is it possible to ha e only one decimal and log/latitude have 7?

Remember 7 decimals for Lat/Lon is of the same order as one for the altitude in metres. Why would you want the altitude at multiple orders of magnitude higher resolution than the actual accuracy is?

When i’m putting base station on fixed cordinates , i do not need so much decimals on altitude?
I must use u center and c099 board to see altitude.

If the base station position estimate was accurate to a few cm (vertically), I would use at least 2 decimals but I cannot see how this is related to the figure AOG is displaying? Are you controlling something manually based on the AOG altitude reading? Or are you using some accurate RTK source and trying to figure out your private base position based on AOG readings? I’d use u-center, log data and average a reasonable number of measurements to obtain the base position estimate.

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I try to use another base to determine my cordinates, but i have simplertk2b module.
How to get fix when in in u center?

OK, u-center has NTRIP client too. Just enter credentials and start NTRIP client and you’ll get RTK fix.

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Thanks a lot!!!
I will try when i get home.

Got it, thnk you very much, i totaly forgot for client in u-center

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