How to get straighter lines

I have a John Deere 6415. I built a hydraulic steering system for it and it works well. I have been using it for some tillage with good results. Tonight I did my first seeding with it. It worked good, but I think the lines could be straighter. The field was a little uneven. One challenge we have in the midwestern United States is we grow corn on 30” rows (75cm) so our tractors are set to 60” centers (150cm). I think the extra side to side rocking with the narrow track width makes things more challenging. What settings would you play with to try to straighten things out a bit?

Hi, For me the most important setting 's the look ahead distance. (Whilst all the other things like “0 set” ackerman, etc are ok of course

Do you have weight enough on front wheels? Especially with 3 point hitch implements, it can take too long for steering wheels with too little grip, to get tractor back on line, resulting in wobbly lines.
Maybe also play with the Integral setting under PP in Autosteer configuration

Thanks, I’ll play with the look ahead. The tractor had a little weave on the road at 6 mph when I was trying it out. I turned up the look ahead speed gain and that helped a lot. I’ll have ti play with it at lower planting speeds.

I will also try integral. I was drilling with a John Deere 8300 drawn box drill. Usually we pull it with a tractor 1/2 the size, so I don’t think the implement was influencing tractor direction too much. There is a little side to side play in my hitch and I was not going fast. Part of the weave may be the wheels of the drill rolling over bumps and dips swinging it side to side a little.

I set my look ahead down to 2 from 3. The tractor is steering much straighter than the other night.


You can also check the mechanical parts in the steering. On one of my tractors the steering cylinder have seen its best life. So the wheels can turn some degrees to left and right, even if i not turning the steering wheel. That can make trouble for the GPS.

Thanks for the suggestion. I believe everything is working well mechanically. A neighbor asked me to do some seeding with a notill drill yesterday. It worked great once again. I was really amazed at how well Agopen performed in contour mode. It was always within one furrow width between passes.