How to merge 2 fields

I have fields done manually, I have ab lines for them, and some work on them.
On the other hand I have fields exported from geobird app with optimized ab lines.

Is there any option to merge those fields in one?
If yes, how?

Assuming you use the default folder directories, navigate to your AgOpenGPS folder inside of your user’s document folder.

Inside there will be a ‘Fields’ folder. Inside that are folders of all of your fields as you’ve named them. The file named ABLines.txt has the ab line data you’re looking for and you’ll have to carefully merge the data from both files under the field you want.

I would make a copy of everything, its not hard but then you can at least roll back if something is messed up.

If you need help let me know, I could probably merge them for you if i understood your needs.