How to program Panda

I have a Panda set including Teensy, BNO085, simpleRTK2B F9P. How to program it?

**like this ** for illustrate


files and config are inside this :

I did it like in the video. Teensy 4.1 connects via USB and disconnects every now and then. AOG doesn’t see modules on the network?

if you use ethernet and panda directly to your PC need to add fix IP to your network setting


post a picture of your assembly to understand

Make sure you’re using TeensyDuino 1.57 - anything newer will cause constant Teensy reboots

And use older arduino ide, as shown in the wiki here.

I upload everything as stated in the description. After uploading the firmware, Teensy connects and disconnects from time to time. The device manager shows the serial port but there are no drivers.

I thought it should only run UDP and no USB.

All I can think of is the "cut 5v from USB " so teensy only get power from obe source.
I suppose you already have 12v to the AIO board, else USB power might be overloaded?

I loaded the firmware from a hex file. Now it does not disconnect, but only shows one GPS IP address, but the antenna still has a red icon. IMU doesn’t see it either. UDP link. Teensy 4.1 flashes the orange LED next to the button. IMU BNO085 is green. F9P lights up properly.

Did you upload the proper configuration to the F9P and save it?

What AOG board are you using?

I am using AS simpleRTK2B F9P. The configuration is loaded. The simpleRTK2B F9P itself works properly.