How to select the current field

Hey is there a way to easily select the field i am current in? I have 300+ fields and i cannot remember every name. Also it would be a lot more efficient to just autoselct the nearest field.

Had the same issue’s with other guidance brands. Looking trough a long list of field (Sorted by distance) was quite a task, especially with different drivers. It is best to have a good structure in saving the field data. We now like to use boundaries for all fields and name them by the number they were given when the land was created (In the Netherlands) but when the fields aren’t numbered it will always result in names based on things in the field or in the surroundings which is not ideal

I believe there is a function called drive in, that loads the field you drive into, but not sure how that works, never tried that before, but there are possibly a lot of people that could have a more complete answer on that.

The system I like the most regarding finding fields is the new Raven CR-X, when not in a job it shows a google maps sort of map, with colored in boundaries, and even ab lines showing up as a small square box in a field. Must be tough to implement tough, but I really enjoyed working with that system, it also makes it easy to navigate to a field because it is showing the roads also.

If you have boundaries created for your fields, go to fields>drive-in, and it will automatically open the field you are located in.

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I already tried this in the old versions, it never worked and just gave me the list of all fields. Maybe its fixed now

It has always worked for me, (I think you have to be inside the boundary when you push the button) but I haven’t used that feature very much, so maybe someone with more experience will chime in.