How to set up GPS Receiver Beitian BS-708

Hello, apologies, I am totally new to this…I have purchased GPS USB receiver and thought that by plugging it into a PC it will work (Plug and play), but nothing happened, except notification that the USB device is ready to be used. Do I need software to get it to work? I intend to use it as a navigation tool with my PC when I sail on my boat. Any help? Thank you.

When I look in the specs it says that it works with U-center (for configuration).

You will need to use a software like google earth to use it, to have a map as background. Are others software available?

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Could you please describe a process that I should do, download, or use? I was born in 1961 so not really that great with gadgets…Thank you. Google earth I have.

You can try it directly with Google Earth.
While the GPS is plugged and the antenna in clear sky (outside), open Google Earth, on top left select “Tool”, “GPS”. In the window select the “Realtime” tab and clic on “Start”
After some seconds it should move to your location.

OK thank you. How about when I am out of the internet connection ( on my sailboat). How this could work? I mean for Google earth I need to be connected to the internet. Is that right?

Correct. Google Earth requires an internet connection.

If you need something that’s offline, you’ll have to search around for a solution. I’m sure there are software packages that can download a map for off-line use. Probably using Open Streetmap.

Hi, I need to use it for marine applications. Streetmap probably not. Any clues?
you can find your happiness there but it is not free


Another possibility is just a tablet running the nice osmand app, which does off-line open street map maps. Wouldn’t even need a GPS unit. The tablet would have one built in.

I am talking about coastal navigation, not street driving. The idea of getting GPS was to use it with my PC plus in connection with some sort of software that can use maps offline but sort the area based on the GPS unit, so that I can use it while offshore in no internet connection.

I’m well aware of that. Perhaps you’re not reading what I’m saying. I’ve said nothing about street driving. You apparently don’t know what OpenStreetmap really is.

What I am saying why do you need a PC at all? Use a tablet. There are plenty of off-line mapping applications, including OSMamd, most of which use data downloaded ahead of time from OpenStreetmap. OpenStreemap contains much more than just street maps. It includes bodies of water, coast lines, and even sea features and navigation markers all put in by volunteers but accuracy is usually quite good, perhaps good enough for your coastal navigation needs.

And a tablet’s built-in GPS will work nearly as well as the BS-708.

If OpenStreemap data is insufficient, then you’ll need to pay for a purpose-made water-navigation application with a complete database. Which isn’t surprising. Aviation uses special maps and applications also.

Again, I repeat, I’m aware that you’re talking about being in the water with no internet connection. I agree that OSM might be insufficient for navigating coastal waters. But if Google Earth would have been enough, then OSM would likely be also. But I don’t know anything about navigating a boat obviously, and I suspect very few of us do.

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Great stuff and great info. Appreciate. I use my laptop everywhere and for everything but getting notepad is not an issue here. I purchased the Beithian for accuracy ± 2m George