How to setup a good uTurn

I’m trying to understand how the various uTurn settings affect the end result. I find I have to tinker with it for a while before I get what I want including entry/exit triggers. I’m hoping to learn how to do it a bit more mathematically.

Firstly, I notice a difference between some of the uTurn types. The Dubins and pattern #1 & #2 all display as a series of dots but pattern #3 (useful for a long train, eg air seeder) looks like a solid line for the actual pattern, with only as many dots as you set uTurn length (one for each meter). Is there anything significant about this?

Pattern #1
only dots

Pattern #3
uturn distance


Secondly, I noticed that only the Dubins option actually lines up with the uTurn Distance from Bounds reference line/setting. (see above screenshots) Is there a reason for this? I’d expect using half of my tool width on a fixed tool should be the min safe distance but unless I’m using Dubins, I have to use a lower number to maximize my turn length.

Thirdly, it takes me a few more turns before I dial in the uTurn Length and entry/exit numbers.
The uTurn length setting & counter (with the red X that shows while executing a uTurn) don’t behave consistently so all the numbers need readjusting when switching between types of patterns and tool widths.

Fourthly, are the uTurn settings saved at all with the vehicle, tool or enviro?

I think its best to understand the uturn development. Patterns is Brian’s original code. Dubins is his 2nd gen. Just better for most applications.
Over the last few months we have also done another version which is in its own uturn branch in github. Probably not good enough for Brian to include into the master branch for general use yet, as it still needs a button to select it in the uturn setup page and is so far still limited to AB, Have been testing it on real machine, I like it.

I’m REAL close with my uturns. Left hand are right on but right hand takes forever to find the line. It will eventually get there. Any suggestions?