How to supply a Lenovo Tablett Model EKS-315A


He there,

I have purchased a used Lenovo Tablet Model EKS-315A. Now I want to connect this tablet to the onboard power circuit for power supply.

First Question: Can be a direct connect be recommenced? As this tablet has 12V 3A input?

Second question: This tablet has an “USB Square yellow pin DC Power Charger Plug” as plug - see image. Is there a cable available with this plug layout and on the other end am USB Type A or better a 3-Pin plug DIN 9680?

Many thanks in advance!


Like this: DC Tip Plug Square Connector Laptop Power Cable For Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga 11 | eBay

Or search for— Lenovo square tip cord

Hello Lars,
thank you so much for your response. That`s what I need…
Ciao for now,