How to use Boundary Path?

I’m a relatively new user of AOG. I tried to make a boundary path around the field so I would have guidance at the headland (field ends). Thought I would do three laps with boundary path and then start going back and forth on AB line from one side.

Imported kml file from google and made a boundary path and AOG found a line to follow along the boundary. And drove one lap just to see so the boundaries was in the right place. On some of the edges I would have needed to move the path a little but I cant find a setting for that. I tried the boundary path menu under the field menu where you can set the distance from the boundary to the first path but the path stayed in the same place even if I changed the distance to the first path.

And when I had made my test lap and came back to the first corner AOG would not find a line to follow anymore. tried to remove the boudary path and make a new one, I even made a new field and imported the same kml file but I could not get AOG to find any lines to follow on the boundary path.

Are there some tricks to get the boundary path to work? How do you guys usually do when you set up a field, do you drive the ends manually on a rectangular field? Do you set up a AB line / curve on each edge?

you are two way

  • after making the boundary you ca edit line and created th boundary curve line

or second way to use countour systeme just apply paint and follow your previous path

check this video as example of full field manage coutour line, ab line headland line you turn …